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    I see that you have opened the pages for non-notables peoples and opened some pages for testing. You have also made many unnecessary redirects. Some of these have been deleted. You are not welcome to make edits to archived contents. [1] You have opened some pages in either Azerica or Turkish. Since this is Gagauzian Wikipedia, the content must be Gagauz. On Wikipedia policy pages or categories, you can't add your or other person names from your own perspective. It would be better to create content according to encyclopedia rules. Regards. Uncitoyen (mesaj) 18.10, 1 Hederlez 2021 (+03)Yanıtla[yanıtla]

    • You create content for the social media peoples who still have 10-50 thousand subscribers and add spam news for themselves as a source. These people are people who are not the subject of any reliable source. Please don't create articles for non-notable people. Uncitoyen (mesaj) 15.15, 12 Hederlez 2021 (+03)Yanıtla[yanıtla]