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::::Rephrasing in some places and moving references around doesn’t stop it from being a copyright violation. [[Kullanıcı:Vermont|Vermont]] ([[Kullanıcı dartışma:Vermont|mesaj]]) 16.20, 18 Hederlez 2019 (+03)
:::::You've basically rearranged words at certain intervals to reach this result. All of them are still copyright violations since they basically follow the same structure and in most places match the wordings of the sources. Unless you delete all of the articles created by you which you copied from other sources, I will have to report you to the stewards. [[Kullanıcı:FR30799386|FR30799386]] ([[Kullanıcı dartışma:FR30799386|mesaj]]) 14.12, 22 Hederlez 2019 (EEST)
::::::Also, [[Şri-Lankada teraktlar (2019)]] appears also to be copied from [http://anasozu.com/sri-lanka-respublikasinda-teraktlar-300-can-aldi/].[[Kullanıcı:FR30799386|FR30799386]] ([[Kullanıcı dartışma:FR30799386|mesaj]])